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Explore The Bahamas
Like Never Before

Off Da Rock Bahamas offers curated all inclusive adventures for the intrepid woman who has always wanted to visit The Bahamas and do more than just soak up sun rays.

Learn To Fish

Fish the deep blue waters

Our adventures provide a supportive environment for women to experience and learn all about fishing. Ready to feel the thrill of pulling in “the big one?” Call today!

Fishing Adventures

We offer a wide range of fishing travel packages designed to explore different elements of Bahamian culture.

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Embark on the
Trip of a Lifetime

We see fishing as a new frontier for women to enjoy The Bahamas. You will learn about the land and sea by using different fishing techniques as you navigate new areas in the islands.

Ready to experience the camaraderie of a group of women on a shared adventure? Off Da Rock Bahamas will provide an unforgettable experience. Read about our travel packages today to learn more!

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