Fishing Adventures

Cat Island

16 August - 21 August, 2023

Full Price: $4,595 | Deposit: $900

Welcome to Fishing Cat Island where the history and culture of The Bahamas comes alive!  

-- Only 4 Spots Available --


Travel Date: 16 August - 21 August, 2023

The first landing of Columbus in the ‘new world’, Cat Island has the history and culture of The Bahamas in abundance. The childhood home of Sir Sidney Poitier – the first black man to win an Oscar – and home to a hermitage that sits on the highest point in all of The Bahamas. It is also the home of rake and scrape, a musical experience that takes you back to days long ago using handsaws scraped with a screwdriver.

It seems that time stands still on Cat Island. You will enjoy the tranquility of it all as we fish across the island. Our home for this five-night adventure is nestled in the beachfront hills of the north.  Single accommodations are provided with the best food the island has to offer.

Bike rides and hiking are also a part of our Cat Island adventure program. As is learning the craft of straw plaiting and how to make a flour cake – a traditional treat passed down through generations.

With this fishing adventure, you will experience the untouched beauty of the island and discover why Cat Island is a hidden gem that you won’t soon forget.

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